Prism Brain Mapping

Prism Brain Mapping is a Behavioral Analysis Tool based on Neuro Science.

This Tool enables you to know your underlying Behaviors, Adapted Behavior and Consistent Behavior. It is one of the best and most consistent Self Discovery Tool in the world today.

PRISM Brain Map Pro profile includes:

* Three Brain Maps - to demonstrate key behavior preferences and far are you are 'adapting' your behaviors.
* Emotional Intelligence scores - critical to the success of individuals in today's competitive environment. Research shows that lower emotional intelligence often results in careers stalling or going off track altogether
* Big Five - to support the Emotional Intelligence profiles of yours.
* Personal Narrative - a simple jargon free summary of your behavior preferences and action points for you to enable your overall profile.
* Work Preferences - to enable you to make the right choices about the kind of work environments that will drive you to success in your professional careers.
* Personalized Counseling with UK Certified PRISM Practitioners.

PRISM is used by many of the leading businesses like, BMW, Deloitte, P&G, HSBC, Anglo Beep Processors, Barclays Capital and many more.

Neuroscience -- which has seen most of its major discoveries made in the last 10-15 years – has proved that the brain is remarkably elastic in terms of its capacity for change.